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How Do You Define Suspicion.

How do you define suspicion.

Is it the......

Irrational fear forcing me to do the ridiculous like turning up at his apartment at six am knocking on the door listening to the neighbours curse stomach tightening heart trapezing all because I saw this number with some females name on his phone fear rising from an ocean of indecision swirling around in my stomach.



I Will Get There

I can see my promise, my blessing ahead
Its just that there are so many mountains obscuring my view
Many roads to follow, many rivers to cross
Another mountain to climb
God give me strength to get to my promised land.

I will get there

A land of possibility
Where visions and dreams come to pass
Where I can embrace His promise and enter into
My Destiny

I will get there
I almost turned back just then
Back to Comfort Road just off Average Street in the town of Anything will do
I have lived there too long
Its time to change addresses and move to the Promised Land
where God waits to open a new chapter into Destiny



Pressing Forward

I need to press forward
Towards the Mark of High calling
Forgetting the past and reaching
For what lies ahead because that is what God has created us to do because
In Him we move and live and have our being

I will walk in my calling
I will use this life I given to serve him to the fullest
To do any less will be an insult to the giver of such a wondeful opportunity
A waste of the precious Blood sent to cleanse and give me new life

Jesus has given me Life
Life more Abundant
Given me, you ......all of us gifts to bless the world
So this world is blessed because I live
and someone goes to bed smiling because I care
and another is encouraged because I took the time to dare
to be a friend, a sister a brother......
and go beyond mere words into actions
that leave an impact that touches lives

Rejoice in your uniqueness
Created with Divine purpose in mind
That you were specifically tailored to fulfil
True joy can only be found in doing what you were called to do
from the begining of time



A New Family

Many have tried to describe you
No one understands you
Hyperactive, inattentive
A disruptive influence on others
Your mother has tried her best to emphathise with your
restless energy but she is earning a living and
cant cope
You wish you could talk to your Dad
but he has his own family now
In Canada
There’s another man on the scene now trying to take his place and
You hate him with a passion
Now the mall is a better alternative to school
Now you hit out at anyone who doesn’t show you respect
Now you have new friends
They don’t come to the house like the old ones
they hang out at the bottom of the street
smoking, with their collars up and their trousers half-way down

Now you don’t need a Dad or a Mum or your sisters
You’ve got a new family
They got your back, look out for you
Might even do time for you
Its a new family
New rules new allegiances
Oaths of silence thicker than the blood that stains London's streets after another senseless loss of young life
Brothers that have got your back, look out for you
Might even go down for you
Its a new family now



Fashion Victim

What do I look like under
my lovely jacket
No I’m not being funny
What’s in my heart
Under its embroidered pockets and lovely shiny buttons
Does my stomach churn with worry under my new belt
The one that pinches my waist in and shows off my figure
What’s going on in that head under the latest weave
Is it full of confusion, bitterness and anger because you just heard what someone said someone said about you?
Maybe full of plans on how you are going to ' set her straight'?
What about those lovely shoes on your feet?
Are those feet busy on their way to spread some love
I really need to hear an encouraging word from a sister today
That shade of pink blossom frost shining on your lips looks better when you smile than when you frown or ignore me
I love fashion too girl
But what about the real me fashion sometimes covers up



Love At First Glance

Can you ever love me as much as you do now?
I’m all dewy-eyed innocence
Untainted by future misdeeds
Your pride and joy
I am this fragile bundle of flesh will take centre stage in this family drama called Life
I will be your lifetime project – the object of your highest dreams and sometimes
Longest nightmares
But let’s not think about that now…..after all that’s a few years to come
Right now I will let you savour this moment
The first long glance, the tears as you look at the man next to you
And back to me……….



The Irony Of Love And Longing

Irony. The Irony
Life, love and longing
blends the bitterness of loss
With despair
A Death wish meets the will to kill
Yet opens the door to the opportunity
To live and hope again

Ola Awonubi



































































































Ola Awonubi